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Cloud – The New Industrial Revolution

The buzzword of the decade is Cloud. Everyone seems to have their head in The Cloud. You've heard that term a lot. What exactly is The Cloud? Cloud is a metaphor for the Internet. A cloud is mysterious. You don't know what's inside it, or even where it is. It's just...

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How to Access The Cloud During an Outage

Do you know someone who relies on the telephone for their business? Do you know someone who can't afford to be down while waiting for a telephone company technician to arrive, when something breaks? The Cloud is a great solution because there is nothing to...

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An Important Consideration for Mergers & Acquisitions

One thing to keep in mind when conducting a merger or acquisition is the unique company culture of each organization.  When companies merge, some of that individuality is replaced by the dominant company's culture.  While not necessarily a bad thing, it does...

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Freedom with The Cloud

Have you ever been in a situation where your voicemail box filled up because you were out of the office and couldn't call in to check your messages? How did that affect your relationship with your clients and staff? Did it give you anxiety about losing business every...

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How Secure Is Your Business?

Today I'd like to focus on security.  One of the things that keeps business owners up at night, besides worrying about how they're going to make the next payroll, is the fear of someone breaking into their business.  Things may get stolen.  Their...

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Top 10 Questions To Ask Your Phone Vendor

Are you considering making a change to your communications infrastructure?  With the rise in popularity of The Cloud, people are flocking to it by the dozen.  While there are numerous benefits to embracing The Cloud, with new technology comes new...

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The Importance of Brand Identity

Today, I'd like to discuss brand identity as it pertains to communications. Sally Hogshead, in her New York Times bestseller book Fascinate, talks about the importance of having a fascinating brand. “People identify with fascinating brands: They identify themselves,...

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The Best Monetization Strategy May Be To Not Monetize

The Best Monetization Strategy May Be To Not Monetize Today, I'm going to deviate from my usual industry tips and tricks, and focus on the Entrepreneurial demographic. I'm going to go a little Gary Vee here, so please bear with me. Today, I want to have a little talk...

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Inside The Cloud

  We are starting a new documentary series called Inside The Cloud. This is where we tour various Cloud facilities and report on what's inside. Have you ever wondered what happens inside The Cloud? We hear a lot of hype about the versatility and resilience of The...

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Solving Common Problems For Construction Companies

Solving Common Problems For Construction Companies Imagine, you just got awarded the project of building the next world class New York City skyscraper!  It's not just any skyscraper.  It's part of a multi building complex that will consist of commercial office suites,...

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